Podcast-Tipps. Spannende YouTuber. Wie hieß nochmal die Seite auf der man die verschiedenen Lenkertypen übereinanderlegen kann? Was ist noch mal FTP? Reach und Stack – Wo stand das nochmal mit der Radgeometrie? Wir haben unsere Bookmarks herausgekramt und wollen diese hier mit euch teilen.
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Onboard the Transcontinental Race

Inspirierende Dokumentation des TCR mit Aufnahmen aus den Jahren 2016 - 2018. Gut investierte 10€. « At the sharp end it is a beautifully hard bicycle race, simple in design but complex in execution. » But the Transcontinental Race is rarely a race against fellow competitors, nor against oneself. It is, primarily, a race for oneself. To ride the TCR is to explore who you become at the side of a road in the Alps or the Balkans, low on sleep, lucidity, hygiene and any notion of comfort. In the saddle, rolling over rough tarmac sixteen or eighteen hours a day, finding what exists beyond fatigue and exhaustion. Do you scratch? Get the train home? Or discover and escape from everything that has been holding you back. There is everything Antonin, the director, has collected, through the eyes of the photographers, James Robertson and Camille Mcmillan, Mike Hall & Anna Haslock, and Matthieu, cap 109, a cyclist who fights a very personal battle simply to complete the race. The TCR is much more than a race, it's a complete experience. Here, filmed during 3 races from 2016 to 2018, Onboard will immerse you in the unique experience that is the Transcontinental Race.

Onboard the Transcontinental Race
URL: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/onboardtcr/375633202

Into the Rift : The Story of the PEdALED Atlas Mountain Race

Eine schöne Dokumentation des Atlas Mountain Race. Schieben, Tragen, Drücken und machmal auch fahren 🙂 'With support from PEdALED, Canyon, Fizik and the race crew led by organiser and route creator Nelson Trees, filmmaker Brady Lawrence followed the race documenting everything from a brutal 80 kilometre walk through the high desert with a broken bike, to one racer’s simple joy at realising they’ll soon eat their first warm meal in days. Featuring the sport’s biggest names and first-time, ultra-distance racers alike, the film gets up close to the kind of people crazy enough to take on this epic challenge. Capturing the human drama set against an otherworldly landscape, Into the Rift is an in-depth look at a true cycling adventure.'

Into the Rift : The Story of the PEdALED Atlas Mountain Race
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e5k5ayE9iqU